SpectroLabo is an innovative medical device  screening for physiological imbalances. 

No invasive tests, no blood tests necessary. .

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Well-being trace elements

Screening for physiological imbalances allows better control of health and trace elements and general well-being.

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         Excess and deficiency of minerals

 Toxic Metals

          A risk of toxic metal poisoning

  Oxidative Stress

         A risk of toxic metal poisoning


                                   Instant measurements of minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress and toxic metals.                            SprectroLabo can be used by all healthcare specialists, allowing for quick and painless analysis.


Easy to use

The measurement is carried out directly by a portable spectrometer connected to a computer.

Quick results

Evaluation of trace element reserves, level of oxidative stress and toxic metals.

Certified technology

The technology is based on spectroscopy.

Directly to your office

Non-invasive measurement.


Instant mineral analysis.

A way to detect mineral deficiencies/excesses

potential toxic metal poisoning.

A complete and personalized assessment aimed at optimizing your patient's care process (laboratory analyses, nutrition, food supplements, activity                      physical, etc.) providing effective monitoring.

        A service adapted to specific needs. 


The spectrometer - a measuring device connected to a computer or tablet via USB sockets.

Web application (compatible with Windows and Mac OS).


Personal and secure remote access to the server.

A quick and easy measurement in 3 steps:


Complete patient information

Take measurements using the device on the epidermis of the hand.

The saved results appear on your computer.

The recording provided can detect trace element and mineral deficiencies as well as high levels of toxic metals in the body. The SpectroLabo is used today by healthcare professionals in many countries as a solution when rapid and accurate analysis of the level of trace elements, minerals and toxic metals is required.



The SpectroLabo uses optical spectrophotometry technology.

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This is a quantitative analytical method for measuring the absorption or optical density of a chemical.

It is based on the principle of absorption, transmission or reflection of light by chemical compounds in a certain range of wavelengths.

Spectrophotometry is used in many fields: chemistry, pharmacy, environment, food, biology, medical/clinical, industrial and others.

In the medical field, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissues.


The SpectroLabo is a reliable and scientifically proven tool...

A set of tests and comparative studies have been carried out by researchers highlighting a correlation between the results of the SpectroLabo and those carried out in the laboratory.

  • The patient's physiological data is captured

  • The patient's dermis is scanned by spectrometry

  • The SpectroLabo application processes and analyzes data

  • Data is sent and stored on a secure server, allowing for later tracking.

  • Results are available on your computer / tablet.

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Your health

Minerals and antioxidants are necessary for the body to function properly. The accumulation of toxic metals can cause health risks.


An essential contribution

Minerals (macronutrients and micronutrients) play an essential role in the proper functioning of the body. A daily intake of nutritional supplements is essential because the human body is incapable of synthesizing them itself.

Thus, a deficiency in trace elements and minerals is one of the main factors in reduced performance, fatigue, vulnerability to stress, reduced concentration or intellectual abilities, etc. It is therefore important to control the level of minerals in the body to be able to anticipate the associated risks.


A new public health question

Studies by the WHO and FAO have highlighted the growing dangers of massive exposure to toxic agents. Transmitted by pollution of air, groundwater and soil, food, etc. Contamination is becoming more and more dangerous and unavoidable, leading to health risks.

Toxic metals cause oxidative stress.


Understanding better aging

Oxidative stress is a type of attack on cellular components by free radicals.

Oxidative stress is responsible for aging and many other diseases.




        • Pollution

        • Tobacco

        • Trauma

        • Unhealthy lifestyle

        • UV


        • Inflammation

        • Infection

        • Immune Deficiency

        • Stress

        • Aging 


        Free radicals

        Free radicals are molecules produced in small quantities by the body. These free radicals are very reactive substances, capable of damaging cell components (enzymatic proteins, lipid membranes, DNA). Their production is particularly stimulated by exposure to the sun (UV), tobacco, pollution, pesticides, etc. A diet rich in antioxidants, particularly present in certain fruits and vegetables, is essential to fight against free radicals.